Tips to reduce fat easily

You are probably aware that a low calorie, nutritious diet can keep you healthier and slimmer. But did you know that you could knock off some years by increasing your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains? Or simply by having a healthy breakfast every morning? All you need to do is to examine your lifestyle and daily diet. The healthiest diet is one full of fruits and vegetables, plenty of whole grains, fish, nuts, lean meat and a variety of other healthy foods. Here are a few tips that could help.

Increase your intake of fruits

Fruits are rich in vitamins, fibre and other nutrients. Apples and oranges are full of age-reducing substances. Grapes are packed with antioxidants. Remember to wash the fruit thoroughly. However, keep the peel on, or you might lose most of the fibre. Keep in mind that processed juices do not have the same fibre content as whole fruits.

Veggies are good for you

Vegetables are powerful antioxidants – substances that help protect the body from free radical damage. The richest sources are onions, green tea, celery, tomatoes and garlic. You should take 5-6 servings of vegetables a day. With only 20 to 50 calories per serving, they help you feel full and keep your weight down. Nutritious veggies include tomatoes, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms and chillies. Studies show that if you eat vegetables with a little oil, you actually aid in the absorption of their nutrients.

Eat at regular intervals during the day

Some people think that the key to losing weight is starving yourself all day until dinner time. This is completely untrue and does not work because when it is eventually time for dinner, you just end up gorging! If you deprive yourself of food for long periods, your body will switch to starvation mode and your metabolism will act as though you need to conserve energy. This may cause a gain in weight even if you are not increasing your calorie intake. Plus, you may feel more tempted to eat a fatty snack in between. Eat regularly to keep your metabolism working at its best.

Eat fish three times a week

Most types of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been found to lower bad cholesterol levels and stabilize the heartbeat. They also help maintain healthy breast tissue, reduce the incidence of colon cancer and help with conditions of the immune system. The best types include salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines and most shellfish.

Try substitutes

Use olive oil instead of butter or margarine on bread and in other recipes. Substitute fruits for biscuits, dark chocolate for milk chocolate, orange slices for juice and nuts for crisps.

Never skip breakfast

Research has shown that people who eat breakfast have a lower overall food intake than those who skip it. No one knows why eating breakfast can help you stay younger, but it may have something to do with the fact that people tend to get at least half of their daily vitamin intake at breakfast, or maybe because many of us eat fibre-rich cereals.

Use ‘good’ oils

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, found in olive oil, fish and nuts, can boost the level of healthy cholesterol in your blood. Olive oil has 75 % more monounsaturated fats than any other commonly used oil. Oil from nuts is high in polyunsaturated fats. Use any oil sparingly.

‘Good’ fat before a meal

A small amount of fat slows digestion, so your stomach stays fuller for longer. If you feel full, you will eat less. A little ‘healthy fat’ also helps keep your blood sugar level stable, while helping the body absorb fat. Monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats are the goodies – they are found in olive oil, nuts and fish. Have half a tablespoon of olive oil before a meal. Or eat a handful of nuts or 15g of dark (not milk) chocolate


You need at least eight glasses of fluid a day to keep your body running at its optimal level. It flushes out waste, transports water to all body tissues, regulates body temperature and is necessary for every chemical reaction in the body. You can get water from eating too, especially from watermelon, oranges, grapes, apples, cucumber and tomatoes. Drinking water makes you feel full faster and provides extra energy.

Overcoming food addiction

Giving up drink, drugs or cigarettes is seen as a huge undertaking, and rightly so. It is widely seen you can be addicted to nicotine, alcohol and various other drugs. However, losing weight is rarely treated with the same gravitas, despite the fact that people can, in fact, be addicted to food.

In this case, trying to change a lifestyle and losing weight is often dismissed by others as just dieting or trying to “cut down”. The person doing so, however, could be battling a food addiction, where simply lowering intake is not an option and instead more serious measures such as hypnotherapy for weight loss need to be taken into consideration.

Food addiction works along the basis that a person feels gratification after eating copious amounts of food. It’s common knowledge that eating releases endorphins into the brain, making the person feel happy. In this case, getting that endorphin high is very similar to that a drug addict would achieve through their substance abuse, and therefore equally as addictive.

Overeating can also release serotonin, a naturally produced chemical that contributes to feelings of happiness and well-being.

Taking all this into consideration, a person who suffers from a food addiction will experience similar feelings of happiness and elation after eating as a drug or cigarette addict when they get their fix.

In this case, diets and exercise can do little to the person in question, and will be decidedly harder for them to endure than for most. Instead, measures should be taken to treat the problem at the source, to alleviate their dependency on food and allow them to live a life free from the addiction.

Hypnotherapy to treat food addiction would involve training the brain to stop feeling such chronic cravings, and alleviating the emotional hunger for the release of endorphins. In doing this, a person can feel their need for overeating to subside, and allow them a life where feelings and emotions are not so entirely based on the ingestion of food.

The ultimate weight loss supplement is Acai Berry juice

Since many years Acai Berry juice has been harvested by Native Americans. How in the west it become popular only a few years ago, when peoples started getting information from news papers and magazines, and from numerous TV shows. Now the world has been taken by Acai berry, really it is wonderful. Now the question is why and how this little fruit become very popular. Acai berry juice contains the combination of nutrients which is health promoting, among them dietary fiber, antioxidants and monounsaturated fats.

How does Acai berry juice will help to lose your weight?

As a weight loss supplement people gives 1st preference to Acai berry juice, but it has much more other benefits like it helps to recover cell and it reduces the aging process.

Acai berry’s weight loss properties can be explained by the Largely Increased metabolic rate that causes. It happens due to containing the very large amount of antioxidants (a substances that Prevent oxidative stress and damaging cell). It helps to lose your fat and increases fights fatigue & energy level. Combining these effects it makes the process of losing weight easier and faster without any side effects. Acai berry juice usually associated with synthetic chemicals. Many research papers suggest that the key to get successful weight loss it is important to eat a diet high in antioxidant.

Now there are many scammers online who provides duplicate Acai berry juice with the same flavor. If you can follow some guidelines that will really help to choose the right Acai supplement.

1. There are various Acai berry juice is available in the market, but you have to choose the 100% Acai fruit extract That you will get from Amazonian and Brazilian Acai berry

2. But now Acai berry production is natural it is harvested manually in the rainforest.

3. And if it is 100% pure acai berry juice then the vendor will provide money back guarantee because the duplicate one may not work properly. So that money back guarantee will make sure that you will not lose your money.

Weight Management Plan for Women above 50 years

Physical activities are essential for people of every age to lead a healthy life. With growing age most of us especially women, due to lack of physical exercise faces several health problems. In order to stay healthy, women above 50 years should stick to proper weight management plan in their women’s fitness franchise. Effective weight loss program helps women to gain desired fitness level. It will not only tone up their body but at the same time help to enhance the physical appearance.

With growing age the excess fat in the body replaces the muscle as a result of this the body metabolism reduces. Women also tend to gain weight easily than men. It is important to make a conscious effort at the right time so that it becomes easier to control such problems. Before choosing from the wide number of women’s fitness franchises providing several types of fitness programs it is important to consult a doctor. This will make you conscious about the health problems and concerns that might affect the objective of loss weight.

Weight Management Plan

It is important to set a realistic weight loss plan based on individual health plan. It is recommended not to go for crash dieting that might lead to weight gain. Instead plan lengthy phrase strategies that will help you to stay motivated. Women above 50 years should follow proper fitness programs consisting of excess weight bearing exercises that will help to increase bone density. It will also reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

It is better to avoid complex fitness programs as the basic objective at this stage is to gradually attain a healthy body by following the right health tips . Try to visit the women fitness franchise at least one hour each day for at least four to five days a week. Along with these, it is important to stick to a healthy diet and lead a disciplined life. With a conscious effort it is possible to regain the lost body energy and fitness.

Keeping those cals low ensures weight loss

Nobody is perfect. Many of us believe we can get rid a few pounds here or shed these love handles there. Heading out into the scorching sun with our tops off has probably put a lot of people’s body shapes into perspective so now is the time to lose that weight you’ve been obsessing over.

The first part of weight loss is to not jump in at the deep end. Someone who hasn’t exercised for years shouldn’t be heading out for two-hour runs. Not only will you not complete the run, you’ll feel depressed at not doing so. Start with a 10-minute run on a treadmill, up that to 15 minutes the next week, 20 minutes the week after and keep on progressing until you hit the 2-hour mark.

A combination of fruit, veg, protein and weight-loss shakes should also help shed those pounds. Again, you shouldn’t drop all of your favourite foods at once – diets that severely restrict calories or the types of food allowed can lead you to be the deficient in the important foods needed to keep the body healthy.

This isn’t to say that you can’t have a few cakes here and there. Everyone needs a treat sometimes. However, constantly munching food, cakes and sweets severely overloads the body with unnecessary calories. Replace fizzy drinks like Coke and Fanta with water, cut out snacking and stop taking sugar in tea and coffee and you should notice a difference in the coming weeks.

It’s a simple fact that the majority of office workers don’t get enough exercise during the day. By taking a 20 minute walk on a one hour lunch break, you can increase the amount of calories burned a day. By increasing the metabolism through eating spicy food, drinking green tea and performing lots of aerobic exercises, you can burn calories and get that body you’ve always wanted.

Best Lower Ab Exercises for a Lean Stomach

Chances are if people were asked to choose one area of the body that they want to change, it would be the belly which simply does not flatten regardless of the crunches being done. This is why it is difficult to learn how to lose belly fat effectively.

The abs is a set of muscles comprised of the upper, lower, and the oblique muscles. These muscles are type 1 muscle fibers which seem to be the most difficult area of the body to lose weight and trim down since they are highly resistant to fatigue and require more repetitions compared to other muscles in the body.

The main reason why this part of the abdomen is very hard to reduce is that the body is built to store fat as energy reserve. Fat is actually very essential because it provides insulation, absorbs impact to protect the organs, and can be converted to energy to keep a person alive in times of starvation.

However, too much fat is unsightly to look and it’s a proof that a person has not been taking care of the body. Not only that, too much fat could block blood flow going to and coming from your heart and brains causing myocardial infarction (heart attack) and stroke.

That means, as soon as you can observe that fat is starting to accumulate and has been gradually covering your abdominal muscles, take it as your body’s way of telling you that you might need a cardio workout and shift to a healthier diet to start losing weight and eventually build your abs.

Lower ab workouts do not involve rocket science as it is surprisingly easy to do. These workouts do not need heavy weights or a set of expensive equipment, which consequently lessens the risk of getting injured if done properly. This is just easy, as long as you remember the following rules:

1) Losing fat will take time, so be patient and start now.
2) Do lots of cardiovascular exercises to burn the fat off the ab muscles.
3) Choose exercises that are biomechanically correct to train the abs.
4) Remember to eat natural, low fat, low calorie foods and use proper diet.
5) Train your entire body and not just your abs.

Best Lower Ab Exercises

In addition to these, the key to getting rid of the fat in the belly is to exercise regularly and know the best ab workouts available. Below are some of these exercises with few definitions that you can do or add to your daily workout routine:

Hanging Leg Raises – This can be done in a captain’s chair if you are in a gym. Anyhow, you may do this at home by hanging on a bar with your legs bent. And then, bring your knees up to your chest putting pressure in your abdominal muscles.

Side Turns – Position yourself lying on the ground with your feet up in the air, keeping the legs straight or slightly bent. Put your arms on your sides with the palm facing the floor and keeping the lower back flat against the ground. Turn the legs together with your feet sideways towards the floor, then vice versa.

Alternating Leg Walks – Lie on your back with your hands under your butt. Then contract the lower abs, tighten the leg muscles and lift them straight vertically and hold for a few seconds. Then lower them down until a few inches in the floor and hold for a few seconds.

Leg Scissors – Lie on your back and lift both of your feet 3-4 few inches off the ground, keeping them straight or slightly bent. Move the legs up and down in an alternating manner, without moving your knees and keeping the back flush against the floor.

For best results, perform the exercises in the presence of a certified trainer to ensure that you are doing them correctly.

Weight-Loss Tools You Need

Weight loss ultimately comes down to two things: nutrition and fitness. No ifs, ands or buts about it. If you aren’t following a healthy diet and working out regularly, you’re not losing all the weight you could be losing. To help you maximize fat loss, make sure you have these five essential weight-loss tools.

1. A home scale. While many of us may use the scale at the local supermarket or pharmacy, it’s important to have your own scale at home. This way, you can track your progress at your own convenience. After all, a weight scale is the most basic way of seeing where you’re at and how far you’ve come on your weight-loss journey. Make sure you’re weighing yourself first thing in the morning before breakfast for the most accurate reading.

2. A food journal. You can work out all you want, but if your diet isn’t in check, you won’t see results. To keep track of everything you’re eating, it’s best to keep a food journal. Write down everything you eat and drink, even if it’s just a handful of candy or a sip of soda. These small amount of calories add up to big weight gain if you’re not paying attention. Writing down this stuff regularly keeps you accountable and aware of what’s going in your stomach.

3. A fitness journal. Nutrition is just one part of the equation, so you should also be writing down your workouts. Did you do more repetitions this time around? Did you increase weight by 5 pounds since last week? Write down all the exercises, weights, sets and reps involved in your workout. All of this will help you see how you progress each week. Seeing this progress keeps you motivated to continue improving yourself.

4. Body fat calipers. A scale only tells you part of the story, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. You see, a scale tells you how much you weigh regardless of the amount of fat and muscle you have. You may be five or ten pounds overweight, but those extra pounds may be healthy muscle instead of not-so-healthy fat. Body fat calipers can help you determine just how much body fat you’re carrying. It’s probably the most accurate and inexpensive way to figure this out – a professional body fat calculation can cost you hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars.

5. A heart rate monitor: When you’re out going for a run or doing any sort of cardiovascular activity, it’s crucial to keep track of your heart rate. By performing at your target heart rate, you improve cardiovascular health and encourage fat loss. Also, if you compete professionally in any sports, it’s a great way to track your progress and test your limitations. You can find a heart rate monitor online or at your local sporting goods store.

Protein Diet Plan for Weight Loss

A perfect diet along with following a regular exercise regimen is what it takes to maintain a healthy and supple figure. In order to keep in shape you need to concentrate on the nutrients that help burn the fat and bring back that envious figure. Of late, the diet that is said to fight the excessive weight problems is the high protein diet plan where you will have to focus completely on the protein rich foods. The idea behind a high protein diet plan is to reduce the carbohydrate intake and so that there is a slow burning of energy and maintenance of stable levels of blood sugar. Most researches have suggested that the lowering the intake of carbohydrates discourages weight loss and the intake of protein rich foods said to encourages it. Here are a few tips to be followed while following a protein diet plan.

Before you can begin with the fat burning diet, you need to consult your doctor and make sure it is healthy for your body conditions. If your doctor advices you to follow a low protein diet plan you can well go ahead with the diet.
The first step in the protein diet plan is to divide your meals in equal intervals of time. Do not let too much of time gap between your meals. Have atleast six meals per day with them not being too heavy. The point to be remembered while following this rule is that the meals must not be full but just light foods but rich in proteins.
Make sure the foods that you take contain less amounts of carbohydrates. If you do not check the carbohydrate intake you are sure to lose out to losing weight.
Include high protein diet foods like lean meat, chicken, tuna fish, nuts in your meals. Eggs and other diary products are also rich in proteins and need to be added in your daily diet plan. And this is the best diet plan for teenagers.
Some vegetarian products that the protein diet plan comprises of are soybeans, kidney beans, spinach, lentils, peas, etc. You can add these to your daily diet if you are a vegetarian.
Another thing to keep in mind while following a high protein diet is to stay away from junk food as much as possible. These processed foods may reverse the weight loss process. When you develop a craving for junk food it is best to eat some fruits so that your hunger is satisfied and the desire for eating junk food dies down.
Drinking lots of water also helps in weight loss as the harmful toxins are flushed out of the body. You need to drink atleast six to eight glasses of water everyday.